Friday, July 30, 2021

Domestic Sector

The housewives and youth are the major target segments in this sector. The inter-ministerial working group has identified a saving potential of 30 % in this sector. PCRA’s gamut of activities includes education of housewives on good cooking habits, educating housewives and youth on good driving habits, development of fuel efficient kerosene and LPG stoves and lighting appliances. PCRA also encourages the use of alternate sources of energy such as bio-gas, solar heater etc.


During 2017-18, PCRA has conducted the following programs:


  • Youth Programs - 3186
  • Domestic Workshop - 2275


PCRA adopts a networking institutional approach and takes help of Mahila Mandals, AIWC, AIWA, Youth forum, Jaycees, Lions Clubs, Rotary clubs, Residents Welfare Associations and various schools and colleges for conducting awareness programs. This results in a substantial annual recurring savings of petroleum products, which is a significant achievement.