Friday, October 22, 2021


To foster the true spirit of Oil and Gas Conservation in particular and enhancing energy efficiency across all sectors in general and, equip the industry on the methodology and the techniques for converting 'Savings Potential' to 'Savings Realized', PCRA contributes by conducting training programs on raising energy productivity. PCRA on its own or in association with industry associations organizes Training Programs on enhancing energy efficiency, for executives of oil sector, power sector,energy intensive Industries, manufacturing Industries,etc.

The program is organized at nominal charges in the following modes, to suit the requirements of the industry.

  • Onsite Classroom training at the premises of the organization.
  • Offsite training at PCRA HQ/ regional offices
  • Collaborative training at the premises of Industry associates.

To impart basic knowledge about various facets of energy efficiency in particular and also for enhancing the understanding of energy mechanics in general, the faculty of PCRA plays an important role in such awareness raising training programs of one or two days, as per request of the industry. The program, as per request of the industry, can also be bundled with a module on energy conservation for family members of the executives in case of an on site training program. A list of topics that can be covered is provided below


Sl. Topics Sl. Topics
1 Energy Conservation Act 2001 9 Energy Conservation in Pumps
2 Energy Scenario & Security 10 Energy Conservation in Air Compressors
3 Energy Conservation in Boilers 11 Energy Conservation in Air Conditioning
4 Energy Conservation in steam Distribution 12 Energy Conservation Building Codes & Energy Savings in Commercial buildings.
5 Energy Conservation in Furnace Operations 13 Energy Audit Case Studies
6 Electrical Energy Conservation in Motors & Transformers 14 Bio Diesel & alternate sources of energy
7 Electrical Energy Conservation in Illumination 15 Water & Waste Management
8 Electrical Energy Conservation in DG sets, P.F. and max. Demand Control. 16 Clean Development Mechanism


PCRA can organize tailor made short duration modules on energy efficiency and conservation in institutes/schools/colleges for indoctrinating the young minds and future citizens of the country on the criticality of energy security and simple methods to increase energy productivity. Together with lectures, PCRA also bundles events like quiz, painting, drawing and slogan competition for the students.A list of topics that can be covered is provided below.


Sl. Topics Sl. Topics
1 Energy Scenario & Energy Security 5 Bio Fuels & alternate Sources of energy
2 Energy Conservation Act 2001 & Energy Conservation Building Code 6 Water & Waste Management
3 Integrated Energy Policy of India 7 Clean Development Mechanism
4 Challenges to energy Conservation for a developing country 8 Energy Conservation in thermal system

Course Faculty

The participating faculty consists of specialist from PCRA and eminent guest speakers from Research Institutions and Industries who have conducted research studies and implemented successful energy management strategies in Indian Industries.